• JMoney RCP

    JMoney RCP是一个采用Eclipse RCP开发的个人理财软件,并可以使用插件进行扩展。

    JMoney RCP is a personal finance (accounting) manager written in Java. It is built using the Eclipse RCP and can be extended using plug-ins. If you wish your accounts program had a feature specific to your needs, download JMoney RCP and write a plugin.

     Plug-in Overview

    No accounting program can hope to include all the features required by users. Attempts to provide features required by users usually result in a bloated and difficult to maintain program. Some users are happy with most features of an accounting program but have specialized requirements. Some users have data stored in existing databases and wish to leave the data in the database and have an accounting program that can work with the data. Users may have additional data that they want to store with each account, category or entry. JMoney addresses all of these requirements and more through its support for plug-ins.

    In order to support plug-ins, JMoney has been re-written to run on top of the Eclipse 3.3 Rich Client Platform. The full power of the Eclipse plug-in framework makes the JMoney finance manager a powerful extensible accounting framework. In addition to all the usual extension points provided by Eclipse for adding views, menu items, actions etc., the JMoney framework provides extension points for extending the data model. Plug-ins can add new properties to accounts, transactions, categories, entries and any other class of object in the data model. Plug-ins can add new classes that are derived from existing classes in the data model. Plug-ins may add new base classes to the data model. The JMoney framework also allows plug-ins to be developed that implement a datastore. Users may thus chose to store their JMoney accounts in, for example, a local XML file, an SQL database, or even a mixture of different datastore types.

    It is expected that a large number of plug-ins will be developed. Plug-ins are planned for graphs, online banking (HBCI), etc.

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