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    If you're reading this page, chances are high that you already know what a feed aggregator is. It's what you manage your hundreds of RSS and Atom feeds with. Why would you want one server-side? Well, a server-side aggregator is:

        * Easy. You interact with the aggregator with your web browser, where you're going to be reading your news anyway.
        * Accessible. Read news from anywhere you have a net connection, whether work, the beach house, or a coffee shop.
        * Consistent. What you've seen and what you haven't is kept consistent, no matter where you are.

    Rnews is a tool Adrian wrote to do this because he couldn't find one readily available at the time he wanted it. It is written in PHP, and is similar in functionality to a few other open source projects, but has a significantly different interface. So he decided to release it to the general public for others to use as well. It has since evolved into the best aggregator out there (not that we're biased).

    Usability Features

      Flexible and Easy:

    • Step-by-step web install and upgrade interface.
    • Supports multiple users, and an optional default user for public-viewable feeds.
    • A toolbar collects common actions for managing articles.
    • Feed title and other information is auto-imported from the feed.
    • Context-sensitive keyword search of article headlines and content.
    • Add feeds using bookmarklets, a Firefox extension, or register Rnews as a Feed handler in Firefox.

      Viewing Feeds:

    • Feed scoring based on your viewing statistics — helps you cull uninteresting feeds, or sort by most popular.
    • Block, wide-block, and list views of articles. Sort by name or score.
    • Filter feeds to only show those with unread articles.
    • Show article snippets beside the headlines for fast scanning.
    • Mark articles as favorites to easily find them later and protect from deletion.
    • User-configurable display of icons (for sites that have them).
    • Categories — view all feeds at once, by category, or individually.
    • Shows a configurable number of links — helpful for feeds that give only a small number of stories, or catching up when you've missed a few days.
    • Can force update of feeds, overriding the default feed timeouts.


    • Supports Atom and RSS feed formats, with heuristic fixes for broken feeds.
    • OPML import/export for easy sharing of subscriptions between news readers.
    • Supports database table prefixes to accomodate web hosts that provide only one database.

      Performance Features

    • Standards-compliant (XHTML, CSS) interface — loads quickly, and shows your feeds in a compact, easy-to-read format.
    • Good netizen — combines MagpieRSS's caching with a user-configurable timeout to avoid hitting feed servers too often.
    • Content is loaded asynchronously so you don't have to wait for slow feeds before reading articles.
    • Many operations use AJAX for quick and fluid response.
    • Optional caching and resizing of feed icons (requires PHP GD library).

    Security Features

    • Supports secure login, user addition, and password change on SSL-capable servers.
    • Cookies are secured with HMAC-SHA1, and optionally include the client's IP address to limit hijacking attacks.
    • User passwords are securely stored in the database using salted SHA-1 hashes.
    • Uses modified kses library to strip unwanted tags from feed contents to mitigate XSS attacks and tracking.

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