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    Lanius CMS是一个轻量级内容管理系统,支持多种数据默认使用内嵌的flatfile数据库引擎(Gladius DB)。支持多种语言(包括中文),能够自动根据用户使用的语言环境进行切换。提供备份/还原整个网站(包括SQL)的功能。可以从网站数据库导出/导入 SQL。能够生成搜索引擎友好的URL。XHTML是主要的输出格式。支持管理多个网站。PDF文档输入。

    Lanius CMS is a light-weight content management system (CMS) with one of the best performance and broadest host compatibilities in the CMS field. It comes out of the box with two flatfile database choices (Gladius DB and SQLite) and does not need third party databases although it supports all of them. It is ideal for those hosts that do not have a RDMS (Relational Database Management System) such as MySQL, as is the case in almost every freely hosted site. Its target solutions span from a small website to the most complex portal or web application; it can be easily backed up with it's own SQL file and/or complete backup so that maintenance and data recovery is a matter of seconds.

    Lanius CMS is open-source and available to everybody for free!

    Lanius CMS is suitable for a wide range of target solutions, spanning from small personal websites to complex commercial applications.

    This is an example listing of possible Lanius CMS applications:

        * Community-based portals
        * Personal or family homepages
        * Corporate intranets and extranets
        * Magazines and newspapers
        * Non-profit and organizational websites
        * School and church websites
        * Corporate websites or portals
        * Government applications

    The standard Lanius CMS package is simple, easy to install and does not require any programming skills to setup. Once installed it is very easy to perform the most common tasks such as adding or editing content, managing photos or file downloads and administering forums. The simple web-based interface allows users to add new press releases or news items, manage staff pages and static content, job listings, product images, and create an unlimited number of sections and content pages on the website.

    Lanius CMS will adapt to your server capabilities and resources; it will work out-of-the-box with PHP4 and PHP5, forget your migration troubles. Your Lanius CMS on PHP4 will work without any compatibility issues when moved to PHP5. Also, it is extremely easy to make a backup with a flatfile database and then restore it on MySQL or any other database system.

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